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What makes Carefree Computing® different?

SpotLink®, through it's Carefree Computing® Program, allows you to have your network infrastructure managed and maintained for a predictable fixed monthly fee. It is like insurance for your network; but unlike insurance, you see the benefits each and every day. SpotLink® actively monitors your key systems, reacting 24/7, often even before you even know there is a problem. But Carefree Computing® is much more than just active monitoring and proactive support. It includes proactive maintenance, automated patching and updates, asset management, vendor and contract management, software and hardware inventory and auditing, automated trouble ticket submission, and much, much more. If you would be interested in having your network maintained, with unlimited support, for a fixed monthly fee, please give SpotLink® a call and let us show you what we can do for your business.

  • “Always Reliable”
    —Senior Accountant, Agricultural Sciences
  • “Appreciate your professionalism and dedication.”
    —IT Manager, Electronics Manufacturer
  • I appreciate the fast response to my request. I feel much better now, knowing my files will be backed up regularly.

    Thanks so much!

    —Project Accountant, Construction Company
  • As seamless a conversion as I could hope for. David's work and Vince's communication and troubleshooting were awesome! I appreciate Bob's personal contacts and explanations as well. Spotlink is first class...unless the invoice is double the estimate.

    THANKS To Everyone!

    —CEO, Accounting Firm
  • “Always appreciate the professionalism and knowledgeable people at SpotLink who are so good at what they do!”
    —Principle, Mergers & Aquisitions
  • “Service was prompt and the potential high risk threat was quickly neutralized.”
    —Senior Project Coordinator, Construction Company
  • “The partnership and speed on this project represented exceptional collaboration.”
    —CIO, Components Manufacturer
  • “Always a pleasure working with Vince. He is very conscientious and makes sure things are complete and working correctly.”
    —CEO, Software Publisher
  • “Really really appreciate the proactive effort on your part. Thank you for keeping our stuff safe!”
    —CTO, Ecommerce Vendor
  • “Never enjoyed better support for my 15 year old business! Thanks Spotlink!”
    —CEO, Accounting Firm
  • “Vince is great! Comprehensive review, providing solutions and alternatives. Thanks Spotlink!”
    —CEO, Accounting Firm
  • “We are very satisfied with the service that Spotlink has always offered us. both the person who answers the phone and the technicians who assist us are always very professional. In specific Patrick has always been very efficient and knows our system and facilities very well.”
    —Office Manager, Church
  • “Kyle is kind to explain tech talk to someone who can't. I appreciate Bob and Kyle's prompt attention in keeping my business running at full speed, SPOTLINK IS AWESOME!!”
    —CEO, Accounting Firm
  • “Quick response, especially during the Holiday Season, for a lower priority item.”
    —Senior Project Coordinator, Construction Company
  • Proud parter of Microsoft
  • Proud parter of Vmware
  • Proud parter of Hp Enterprise
  • Proud parter of Symantec
  • Proud parter of Cisco Meraki
  • Proud parter of Adobe
  • Proud parter of Hp
  • Proud parter of Redhat
  • Proud parter of Netgear
  • Proud parter of Cisco
  • Proud parter of Juniper
  • Proud parter of Datto
  • Proud parter of Dell
  • Proud parter of Shortel