Managed Security Services with Advanced Cyber Security

For Total Peace of Mind & Productivity

Cyber attacks on your computer network can happen anytime without warning. From viruses to phishing to malware to ransomware, an attack on your systems could compromise your important company data, rob your intellectual property or even halt business operations – possibly even putting you out of business. 

With SpotLink’s Advanced Cyber Security, you can rest easy knowing the most advanced tools and professionals are working to keep you secure 24/7. 

Far beyond the baseline security offered by most managed IT providers, and more dedicated and comprehensive than most in-house IT teams can support, SpotLink’s® Advanced Cyber Security is the peace-of-mind solution that provides total protections and hygiene for your organization. With more than 20 years’ experience conducting audits and implementing network security plans that safeguard businesses against persistent threats, let SpotLink® move your network from questionable to complete.

Included in SpotLink’s® Managed Security Services with Advanced Cyber Security


  • Vulnerability scanning & remediation
  • Enhanced intrusion prevention & detection
  • Content filtering
  • Application Control
  • Geofiltering
  • Advanced real-time email Cyber protection
  • DNS filtering


  • Centralized authentication
  • SIEM/ Centralized logging
  • Log integrity checking
  • Identity, authentication, MFA management
  • Edge-of-network anti-malware
  • Password management
  • Application locking


  • Emergency security patching
  • Real-time IT security monitoring and response
  • Weekly security log reviews
  • Maintain compliance security requirements
  • Dark web reporting


  • Phishing simulations
  • Cyber Security online training
  • And more…!

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