Physical Security


SpotLink’s cybersecurity service provides peace of mind for businesses against malicious attacks on your network, but what about physical attacks? Our comprehensive physical security solutions help protect your property and people from:


Workplace incidents

Unauthorized activities

And more. Beyond just safety, these systems cultivate a secure work environment, reducing liabilities and elevating productivity at your offices, storefronts, warehouses, factories, etc.

Why Spotlink®?

The “IT” In SecurITy

Today’s security systems are more advanced and more integrated with your company’s IT infrastructure than ever. While this enables more features and flexible system capabilities, it’s an ironic reality that installation by security companies without extensive IT knowledge can actually put your network at risk. Don’t let your physical security compromise your cybersecurity. Work with the IT experts at SpotLink for total security solutions.

Tailored Surveillance Solutions

Modern surveillance systems have a dizzying array of features and capabilities. Our team of physical security experts help you determine which solution best serves your business needs. System capabilities include:

  • Advanced AI analytics
  • Cloud-based storage for remote access
  • Facial recognition
  • Vehicle recognition
  • Cloud-based access control and lockdown systems
  • Define precise permission controls for entry into your premises. Manage access from anywhere via your smartphone, track movements, and ensure compliance effortlessly

Flexible Service Options

SpotLink offers adaptable service plans, to suit your needs and budget.


Fixed Pricing, Full-service IT Management.

Working with our expert technicians, we help you select and install a security system that your team pays for and maintains.


Complete Cloud Computing, Zero Up-front Fees

Take advantage of a reduced initial installation fee with a monthly service contract. Following design and installation of your purchased equipment, let SpotLink manage and maintain your system while your team focuses on its primary business. We keep your software up to date and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Total Solution

Hourly, On-Demand service For Your Budget-conscious Business

For a low monthly fee, we will purchase, install, and maintain all equipment required to secure your business. A 360° service that eliminates the headaches and uncertainties of owning and servicing your own security system.

Our Commitment
to Your Security

Partnering with industry leaders like Ubiquity, Speco Technologies, Kisi, and Synology, we promise top-tier protection for your facilities. 

Talk to a SpotLink® Tech Specialist today to discover the ideal surveillance and access control systems for your business.