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Business computing is rapidly moving to the cloud for its reliability, ease of maintenance, cost savings, and enhanced security. SpotLink’s® signature Kloudation™ service helps businesses transition to leading cloud platforms, streamlines on-site systems, and provides comprehensive management and support. If you need help migrating to the cloud, or are just beginning to research the options, we’re here to help. Schedule a free 30 minute call or in-person visit with one of our senior engineers to see if Kloudation is a good fit for your business.

Cost Savings

Little or no up-front cost AND lower monthly cost vs. traditional IT


Cloud computing and streamlined on-site systems provide similar uptimes to well-managed traditional IT, but with significantly less complexity and maintenance


By design security, monitored 24/7 against threats (phishing, ransomware, etc.) downtime & data loss


Real-time remote administration backed by local SpotLink® staff in our north and south county San Diego offices

SpotLink® created Kloudation™ to help small and mid-sized businesses move from traditional IT to cloud computing. Our goal is to reduce the friction of transitioning by providing a complete end-to-end solution with a single point of accountability for a fixed monthly fee.

While most managed service providers “MSPs” have recently begun offering cloud migration, SpotLink® has been helping transition clients since 2010. Entrust your business’ move to the cloud with the #1 ranked MSP in San Diego. We know traditional IT and we know cloudification. 


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