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Thinking about migrating your business computing to the cloud? The advantages, and the questions, are many.

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What The Cloud Allows

There’s hardly an element of your IT operations that could not stand to benefit from a migration to the cloud. While your business may benefit most from a Private, Public, or Hybrid cloud solution, all these produce advantages that can help your business thrive in the modern era.

Cost Management

 Migration to the cloud results not only in immediate savings in hardware, storage and software application costs, but enables predictable, fixed monthly operational expenses for your IT department. In addition to reducing capital expenditures (no up-front hardware costs), you’ll free team members to pursue higher-value projects. Combine this with scalability that allows you to control costs by providing the “just right” level of services while honoring your SLAs.

Improved Collaboration & Productivity

When your applications are running from the cloud, workers can access all business systems quickly and from any connected device. Integration between different applications empower your team to seamlessly collaborate and share documents, data and business intelligence.

“Future Proof” Your Business

  Rapidly evolving technology means dramatic improvements to data centers, hardware, and operating systems over short periods of time. Moving to the cloud means you’ll always be using state-of-the-art systems and equipment. In addition, cloud-based tools and APIs enable developers to create custom software and take advantage of capabilities that increase turnaround times and accelerate innovation. 


  Nearly every business operates under compliance regulations. Achieving and maintaining compliance can be onerous, but SpotLink can architect a cloud environment that ensures your systems are routinely checked and updated to meet the latest application licenses requirements and compliance standards for your industry.

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Finding The Right Cloud: Public, Private, Or Something In Between 

Whether you’re already committed to moving your business to the cloud or just beginning to investigate options, SpotLink meets you where you’re at on your journey. Your business needs will determine best options for you, but there are three cloud “types” that satisfy nearly every need modern businesses might have.

Private Cloud

Computing resources are dedicated and proprietary, and a single organizationhosts and manages the system.What makes it private is the fact that the underlying hardware layer is segregated from any other client’s infrastructure. Private Clouds offer security, performance, cost savings, and regulatory compliance advantages over tradition on-premises infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

Companies may combine a private cloud with a public cloud in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Public Cloud

In a public cloud, services are owned and managed by a provider who also hosts other tenants. Public cloud is an IT model where on-demand computing services and infrastructure are managed by a third-party provider and shared with multiple organizations using the public Internet. Public cloud service providers may offer cloud-based services such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (Saas) to users, eliminating the need for users to host these services on site in their own data center.

Cloud Computing…Grounded In San Diego

While most managed service providers “MSPs” have only recently begun offering cloud migration, SpotLink® has been helping transition clients since 2010. In fact, we launched our Kloudation™ service to help small and mid-sized businesses move from traditional IT to cloud computing in 20XX. 

With real-time remote administration backed by local SpotLink® staff in our north and south county offices, you can trust your business’ move to the cloud with the #1 ranked MSP in San Diego. We know traditional IT and we know cloudification.